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Deal reached for stopping spike in milk prices

Yahoo! News -
WASHINGTON (AP) — The top leaders in both parties on the House and Senate Agriculture committees have agreed to a one-year extension of the 2008 farm bill that ...

Milk price deal reached will prevent milk prices from rising ...
On Dec. 30, it was reported that a milk price deal was reached by agriculture leaders from both the House and Senate.

Top Ten Cannabis Strains of 2012

San Francisco Chronicle
High Times Medical Cannabis Cup-winning strain Sonoma Coma from Happy Lil' Trees in Vallejo will mellow you out like the famous oil painter Bob Ross.

Fish McBites Coming Soon To McDonald's Nationwide For Limited Time

Huffington Post
Back in February, you see, we wrote that the world's biggest fast food chain was testing a new menu item called Fish McBites, a piscine take on its popular (and relatively new) Chicken McBites.

Clues to a good bottle of champagne

Unless you're up for a nasty hangover, don't go below this price point, says a sommelier.

Government crackdown on candy cigarettes

Candy Crackdown! Gov't Goes After Candy Cigarettes - FOX 35 ...
ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - Owners of an old-school soda shop in St. Paul, Minn., are being warned to kick the habit and stop stocking novelty candy cigarettes.

Government crackdown on candy cigarettes | Fox News Video
Welcome back to the five -- candy and -- in this story you know how there's a war on smoking cigarettes in this country.

China Cracks Down on Food Safety

Wall Street Journal
The crackdowns in Beijing and Shanghai mark a new effort by local authorities to bolster food safety in a country increasingly worried about what it consumes.

Holiday Overindulgence Got You Down? Blame Your 'Food Clock'

That pesky “holiday 10″ pounds that's tipping the scales this week may be easier to lose than you think. To the rescue comes a new understanding of the role that our “food clock” plays in how our bodies respond to a sudden change in eating habits.

Man dies after eating 28 raw eggs for bet | Fox News

Man dies after eating 28 raw eggs for bet | News.com.au
DEATH by egg. It isn't the most glamourous way to shuffle off this mortal coil but that's how it ended for one man after he ate 28 of them - raw. The young Tunisian ...

Man dies after eating 28 raw eggs for bet | Fox News
A young Tunisian man has reportedly died after winning a bet to eat 28 raw eggs in one go. Dhaou Fatnassi, 20, from the town of Kairouan, swallowed the ...

Eating Asparagus May Prevent a Hangover, Study Suggests

Asparagus: The cure for hangovers?
Fox News
The Institute of Food Technologists is reminding people of a 2009 study from the Institute of Medical Science and Jeju National University in South Korea, which found that eating asparagus may help cure unwanted hangovers, UPI.com reported. According ...

Highly Cited:Eating Asparagus May Prevent a Hangover, Study Suggests

Link between pot, psychosis goes both ways in kids

- Yahoo ...
NEW YORK Marijuana (cannabis) use may be linked to the development of psychotic symptoms in teens - but the reverse could also be true: psychosis ...

Pot and psychosis, Adolescents and young adults who smoke marijuana have an increased risk for experiencing psychotic symptoms, according to a new study.

Gorgeous peppermint meringue cookies

The best thing about this delicious dessert is that you can prepare it two days ahead.

FDA says ‘frankenfish’ salmon would not harm environment

WASHINGTON — Federal health regulators say a genetically modified salmon that grows twice as fast as normal is unlikely to harm the environment, clearing the way ...

Frankenfish – Genetically engineered,invasive species ...
Trending Now: Genetically Engineered Salmon – Does Mother Nature Approve? For the first time in history, genetically engineered fish are likely to be approved by ...

Milk Prices Could Double as Farm Bill Stalls

- NYTimes.com
WASHINGTON — Forget the fiscal crisis and the automatic budget cuts. Come Jan. 1, there is a threat that milk prices could rise to $6 to $8 a gallon if ...

Milk prices may double in the New Year
If Congress doesn't act on an expiring protection for dairy farmers before Jan 1, milk prices could double.

FTC Reports Food Marketing to Children Down 19.5%

Nutrition watchdogs should be pleased. Food companies are spending less money marketing to children and youth, a new Federal Trade ...

FTC Tallies Kid-Targeted Food Marketing at $1.79 Billion
Food Companies Cut TV Spending to Kids in Obesity Crisis

Chew on this: Mealworms could be next best food

Times of India
LONDON: Edible insect protein from mealworms may prove to be a more sustainable alternative to foods like milk and chicken, according to researchers.

Secrets to making a memorable cake

The Cake Girls created this colorful confection when Jim Carrey was granted U.S. citizenship.

Boeing uses potatoes for in-flight wireless test

How 20000 Pounds Of Potatoes Brought Wi-Fi To Airplanes
San Francisco Chronicle
If you're flying somewhere this holiday season, you could be on a plane that offers Wi-Fi. And a good Wi-Fi connection on a plane flying 500 miles per hour at 35,000 feet was a particularly hard tech problem to solve, say the Boeing engineers who solved it.

Boeing uses potatoes for in-flight wireless test
CNN International
Washington (CNN) -- Airplane manufacturer Boeing builds some of the most complicated machines on Earth, but in its efforts to make wireless signals on airplanes better it turned to the produce aisle for help. Wednesday the company announced a ...

Coffee Drinking Linked With Lower Oral Cancer Death Risk: Study

Huffington Post
As if there weren't already a host of other reasons to love coffee, a new study links drinking several cups a day with a decreased risk of dying from oral cancer.

11 things you didn't know about the McRib

The cult favorite is back, but fans might not suspect what weird ingredients go into it.

Diet Pepsi to taste sweeter

Diet Pepsi: Drink quietly changes sweetener - chicagotribune.com
Diet Pepsi is quietly changing its sweetener, with the goal of helping the soda maintain its taste longer. Cans of Diet Pepsi around the country now list a ...

Diet Pepsi to taste sweeter - 27 NBC - Topeka, Kansas
NEW YORK (AP) — If that can of Diet Pepsi tastes sweeter than normal, there's a reason. PepsiCo Inc. is quietly changing the sweeteners in the drink, with the goal ...

Dreaming of a White Christmas...

White Christmas in Western Massachusetts is a distinct (non) possibility
Will Western Massachusetts have a white Christmas this year? Ten years ago, there was plenty of snow at this time of year, as is seen at the Gilbert House at Storrowton Village on the Eastern States Exposition grounds in West ...

Christmas cookies and candy, easy to make

Christmas cookies and candy, easy to make
Washington Times
FORT WORTH, Texas, December 16, 2012 - It is time to get cracking with your Christmas and holiday baking! Whether your tradition calls for cookies or candy for Christmas, it is time to pull out the old familial recipes that help us to celebrate this

Scientists pinpoint the age of cheese: 7000 years old and counting

Scientists pinpoint the age of cheese: 7000 years old and counting
Science Recorder
Scientists have reportedly discovered pottery fragments that suggest cheese-making is a much older process than previously thought.

Highly Cited:Evidence of world's 'oldest' cheese-making found

Craft Beer Brews Up Trouble

Think Tank Lambastes Big Beer Brewers, Modelo Sale
ABC News
Pretty much everyone agrees on beer. So what's political about it? Beer also happens to be big business, and as such, debate over markets and regulation follows it, right into the halls of a Washington, D.C.

Craft Beer Brews Up Trouble
Does craft beer by any other name still taste as heady? If you listen to the megabrewers like Anheuser-Busch InBev and Molson Coors , so long as the beer's cold and tastes good, it doesn't matter if it's called "craft beer" or not.

Golden Corral Food Poisoning

Golden Corral restaurant leading suspect in Casper foodborne illness ... Beall lives in Douglas and said the Casper food-poisoning outbreak is the talk of the town.

Golden Corral Food Poisoning | The Braiser
One case of food poisoning Yelped about won't necessarily indict a restaurant for life. One hundred and sixty-seven cases of food poisoning, and your restaurant gets ...

Golden Corral food poisoning - 167 people get norovirus after eating at newly-opened GOLDEN CORRAL

Obama: 'Bigger fish to fry' than go after pot smokers; recipes for weed brownies

Obama: 'Bigger fish to fry' than go after pot smokers
Good news for marijuana users in Colorado and Washington: President Obama says the feds are not likely to bust you for breaking out your bong.

In Depth:Don't Eat Daddy's Cookies: How to Talk to Your Kids About Pot

Pepsi-Chicken Chips Released By Lay’s In China

Pepsi-Chicken Chips Released By Lay’s In China
Like Pepsi? Like Chicken? You'll probably love the new Pepsi-Chicken chips released by Lay's in China. According to Oddity Central, Lay's releases a new

Pepsi And Chicken-Flavored Lay's Potato Chip Highlights Food ...
[Dec 11, 2012] Overseas markets have yielded a slew of weird and wacky snack flavors of late, particularly in the potato chip realm.

Cholesterol: Top 5 foods to lower your numbers

Diet can play an important role in lowering your cholesterol. Here are five foods that can lower your cholesterol and protect your heart.

1. Oatmeal, oat bran and high-fiber foods
2. Fish and omega-3 fatty acids
3. Walnuts, almonds and other nuts
4. Olive oil
5. Foods with added plant sterols or stanols

Can Too Much Fruit Stall Weight Loss?

Fructose, the sugar in fruit, can lead to weight gain if you eat too much. Find out how much is too much, and what fructose can mean for your diet.

Fructose, the natural sugar found in fruit and corn, has raised many an eyebrow because of its effect on weight. But all fructose might not be equal. There’s the fructose that you get in whole fruit, and then there’s the fructose that’s formulated into a sweetener for food products like soda, which has been linked to health problems, including healthy cholesterol levels and reduced insulin sensitivity.

But experts say that the fruit sugar in whole fruit is not to blame for these health issues.

The battle against bingeing

The battle against bingeing
The Independent
Annemarie Louw, the unit head at the eating disorder treatment centre, Montrose Manor, says: "Binges lead to feelings of guilt about losing control, and the individual wakes up the following day thinking they should starve themselves as punishment or ...

Nearly 1 million Australians suffer from eating disorder, report finds
The total social and economic cost of eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, obesity and binge-eating was put at almost $73 billion this year, a widely cited report by Deloitte Access Economics found.

Novak Djokovic is buying the world’s entire supply of donkey cheese

By Jay Busbee | Busted Racquet
We know that "Novak Djokovic is buying the world's entire supply of donkey cheese" sounds like the kind of headline that would show up around April Fool's, but it's apparently legit. The world No. 1 is spending millions to purchase all of the rare cheese made from, uh, donkey milk.

The cheese, known as pule, is white, crumbly and made from donkey's milk. It runs over $500 per pound, in part because one pound of the cheese requires over three gallons of milk. It's produced in Djokovic's native Serbia, and he plans to use it in his soon-to-open chain of restaurants.

Cory Booker food stamp challenge Day 4: little bites

Cory Booker Faces Challenges in First Days on Food Stamp Budget
ABC News
That's what Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker had for breakfast on his second day living on the food budget of an average American receiving benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Cory Booker food stamp challenge Day 4: little bites
The Star-Ledger - NJ.com
Cory Booker. Newark Mayor Cory Booker deployed a new strategy as he closed out the fourth day of his SNAP challenge to live on the equivalent of a week's worth of food stamps.

Coffee from an elephant's gut fills a $50 cup

Coffee from an elephant's gut fills a $50 cup - Yahoo! News
GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Thailand (AP) — In the lush hills of northern Thailand, a herd of 20 elephants is excreting some of the world's most expensive coffee. Trumpeted as ...

Coffee from an elephant's gut fills a $50 cup
A Thai mahout's wife jokingly poses with a plastic basket containing coffee beans freshly cleaned from elephant dung below the tail of an elephant in ...

Tomatoes may be a natural antidepressant for depression

Tomatoes may be a natural antidepressant for depression
It appears the tomato may act as an antidepressant. The study's finding will be published in the January 2013 issue of the Journal of Affective Disorders.

Pot smokers enter legal limbo

Pot smokers enter legal limbo
The crowd at the base of the Space Needle in Seattle began counting down as midnight approached. It wasn't New Year's Day they were anticipating, but the moment that marijuana would become legal in Washington state.

Rolling over for Meatball Mondays

Rolling over for meatballs
San Francisco Chronicle
It was maybe five years or so ago that A16 became known for its Meatball Mondays. At that time, trendy restaurants didn't serve them, but in the last few years they've become almost as common as hamburgers on Bay Area menus.

Starbucks to Open 1500 More Cafes in the US

Starbucks to Open 1500 More Cafes in the US
ABC News
Another Starbucks may soon pop up around the corner, with the world's biggest coffee company planning to add at least 1,500 cafes in the U.S. over the next five years. The plan, which would boost the number of Starbucks cafes in the country by about 13 ...

Giant Food recalls veggie burgers due to listeria scare

Giant Food recalls veggie burgers due to listeria scare
Retail chain Giant Food of Landover, Md., has announced a recall of Veggie Patch meatless burgers due to possible contamination by listeria monocytogenes.

Woud you eat bread with a 60 day shelf life?

Woud you eat bread with a 60 day shelf life? | IGN Boards
An American company has developed a technique that it says can make bread stay mould-free for 60 days. The bread is zapped in a sophisticated microwave...

Researchers aim to eliminate food waste with mould-free 60 day old bread Scientists say the microwave-like machine zaps away mould spores in just 10 seconds

Twinkies maker Hostess: 110 suitors are lined up

Twinkies maker Hostess ready for its big bake sale
Boston Globe
Hostess Brands Inc. says it's in talks with more than 100 parties interested in ...

Twinkies maker Hostess: 110 suitors are lined up
Associated Press
The future of Twinkies is virtually assured. Hostess Brands Inc. got final approval for its wind-down plans in bankruptcy court Thursday, setting the stage for its roster of snack ...

Starbucks $7 Coffee: Chain Introduces Cups Of Costa Rica FInca Blend

Starbucks $7 Coffee: Chain Introduces Cups Of Costa Rica ...
Would you pay $7 for a single cup of coffee? Starbucks is banking on it. The chain recently introduced its most expensive coffee ever, Costa Rica Finca ...

Starbucks unveils $7 coffee | National News - WESH Home
Starbucks has unveiled its most expensive coffee yet -- a rare Costa Rican blend that will cost you $7 for a large cup. Made from a rare, heirloom, hard-to-grow ...

High-Fructose Corn Syrup Linked to Diabetes

High-Fructose Corn Syrup Linked to Diabetes
Countries that mix high-fructose corn syrup into processed foods and soft drinks have higher rates of diabetes than countries that don't use the sweetener, a new study shows.

Highly Cited:Diabetes and Sweetener Link Scrutinized

Is milking the most pointless internet craze yet?

Is 'milking' the stupidest ever internet photo craze? - Yahoo ...
'Is 'milking' the stupidest ever internet photo craze?' on Yahoo! News UK. The craze is thought to have started in Newcastle, where students film each other pouring ...

Is milking the most pointless internet craze yet? Students ...
A new student craze is set to be the new planking after a video of men pouring milk over their heads in public places has gone viral.

Dunkin' Donuts coffee claim, 'best in America,' denied by US Patent Office

Dunkin' Donuts coffee claim, 'best in America,' denied ...
Dunkin' Donuts coffee claims to be the "best coffee in America," but the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office disagrees. Dunkin' Donuts' petition to trademark ...

Dunkin’ Donuts Claims to Make the Best Coffee in America ...
Dunkin’ Donuts aims to be the only company to be allowed to use the slogan “best coffee in America.” However, the US Patent and Trademark Office disagree with ...

Grapefruit juice reacts with expanding list of drugs

Grapefruit juice reacts with expanding list of drugs
More prescription drugs are coming on the market that can interact with grapefruit juice with potentially serious effects such as sudden death, Canadian doctors warn.

Is grapefruit dangerous?
However, some of our friends will avoid grapefruit at all costs - whole, as juice, or even in marmalade. This is because they have been prescribed medication with the words ''Avoid grapefruit and its juice'' on the label. Can you give us the true story ...

Do your medications interact with this killer fruit?
The active ingredient in grapefruit which may lead to the unintended drug interactions is a naturally-occurring substance named furanocoumarins, and one whole grapefruit, or a 7oz (200mL) glass of grapefruit juice - either freshly squeezed, or liquid ...

How to cook a turkey (even frozen!) and the rest of your Thanksgiving dinner, too

Seven High-Tech Ways to Cook a Turkey Gizmodo
Seven High-Tech Ways to Cook a Turkey The most important part of your Thanksgiving meal is the bird. It's the centerpiece of every Turkey-day related piece of pop culture from Norman Rockwell illustrations to Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. But just ...

How to cook a turkey (even frozen!) and the rest of your Thanksgiving dinner, too Detroit Free Press
Let's talk turkey. Or rather, let's talk about how to prepare the most moist and flavorful Thanksgiving turkey for your guest

Thanksgiving feasts 2012

Art Ginsburg, known as Mr. Food, dies

TV chef Art Ginsburg, "Mr. Food," dies at 81 - CBS News
Art Ginsburg, known as Mr. Food, is shown during TV rehearsal in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. on Oct. 14, 2010. / AP Art Ginsburg, the delightfully dorky ...

Art Ginsburg, known as Mr. Food, dies - latimes.com
Art Ginsburg, the TV chef known to millions as Mr. Food, has died. The 81-year-old resident of Weston, Fla., died Wednesday following a battle with ...


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