The Top 10 New Slogans for Fast Food Restaurants:

10. Hardee's -- Where our identity crisis is the star.

9. McDonald's -- New cooler coffee!

8. Starbucks -- Now with 0.9% financing on the new Quad Macchiato.

7. KFC -- We're NOT a rap group, dammit!

6. Where's Kanga? Where's Roo? They're charbroiled to satisfy you!

5. Burger King -- Did somebody say, "Give me the damn Whopper and get
Pokemon outta my face?"

4. Jack-In-The-Box -- We put the dot in E.coli.

3. Popeye's -- Buy your chicken from a real cartoon character, not an
animated dead guy.

2. Wendy's -- If Dave doesn't give a rat's ass about his cholesterol,
why should you?

... and the Number 1 New Slogan for Fast Food Restaurants:

1. Taco Bell -- Working around the clock to invent new ways to combine
the same 5 ingredients.


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