The Top 10 Reasons Americans are Overweight

10. Hey, we get 80 channels of great American TV 24 hours a day,
there's no time to exercise!

9. "Girl Scout Cookie Dough" gets better tasting every year.

8. The colossal failure of "Salad King" drive-thru chain.

7. Doing it just to spite Richard Simmons.

6. Addition of a diet soda does NOT mean your triple bacon
cheeseburger/chili fries combo is a healthy meal.

5. Americans still unconvinced that it's not really butter.

4. Part of our country's defense strategy:
Asses too large to be kicked.

3. Slim Fast shakes taste much better with a scoop of
Ben & Jerry's in 'em.

2. One word: Sprinkles

... and the Number 1 Reason Americans are Overweight:

1. "Did somebody say McDonald's?"


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