Fish McBites Coming Soon To McDonald's Nationwide For Limited Time

Huffington Post
Back in February, you see, we wrote that the world's biggest fast food chain was testing a new menu item called Fish McBites, a piscine take on its popular (and relatively new) Chicken McBites.

Clues to a good bottle of champagne

Unless you're up for a nasty hangover, don't go below this price point, says a sommelier.

Government crackdown on candy cigarettes

Candy Crackdown! Gov't Goes After Candy Cigarettes - FOX 35 ...
ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - Owners of an old-school soda shop in St. Paul, Minn., are being warned to kick the habit and stop stocking novelty candy cigarettes.

Government crackdown on candy cigarettes | Fox News Video
Welcome back to the five -- candy and -- in this story you know how there's a war on smoking cigarettes in this country.

China Cracks Down on Food Safety

Wall Street Journal
The crackdowns in Beijing and Shanghai mark a new effort by local authorities to bolster food safety in a country increasingly worried about what it consumes.

Holiday Overindulgence Got You Down? Blame Your 'Food Clock'

That pesky “holiday 10″ pounds that's tipping the scales this week may be easier to lose than you think. To the rescue comes a new understanding of the role that our “food clock” plays in how our bodies respond to a sudden change in eating habits.

Man dies after eating 28 raw eggs for bet | Fox News

Man dies after eating 28 raw eggs for bet |
DEATH by egg. It isn't the most glamourous way to shuffle off this mortal coil but that's how it ended for one man after he ate 28 of them - raw. The young Tunisian ...

Man dies after eating 28 raw eggs for bet | Fox News
A young Tunisian man has reportedly died after winning a bet to eat 28 raw eggs in one go. Dhaou Fatnassi, 20, from the town of Kairouan, swallowed the ...

Eating Asparagus May Prevent a Hangover, Study Suggests

Asparagus: The cure for hangovers?
Fox News
The Institute of Food Technologists is reminding people of a 2009 study from the Institute of Medical Science and Jeju National University in South Korea, which found that eating asparagus may help cure unwanted hangovers, reported. According ...

Highly Cited:Eating Asparagus May Prevent a Hangover, Study Suggests

Link between pot, psychosis goes both ways in kids

- Yahoo ...
NEW YORK Marijuana (cannabis) use may be linked to the development of psychotic symptoms in teens - but the reverse could also be true: psychosis ...

Pot and psychosis, Adolescents and young adults who smoke marijuana have an increased risk for experiencing psychotic symptoms, according to a new study.

Gorgeous peppermint meringue cookies

The best thing about this delicious dessert is that you can prepare it two days ahead.


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