FDA announces new food safety rules

FDA Proposes Crucial Food-Safety Rules Under FSMA

FDA announces new food safety rules
In the most sweeping food safety regulations made in the past 70 years, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) implemented the Food Safety ...

Actor Dempsey: Tully's Coffee chain bid appears successful

SEATTLE (AP) -- Actor Patrick Dempsey said it appears his bid to buy a small coffee chain has prevailed in a bankruptcy auction that included Starbucks Corp.

Late Thursday night, Dempsey announced that his company, Global Baristas LLC, made the winning bid for Tully's Coffee. He noted in a KOMO-TV interview that a bankruptcy judge will have the final say on Jan. 11. Still, Dempsey tweeted "We got it! Thank you Seattle!"

FDA Offers Sweeping Rules to Stop Food Contamination

New York Times
The Food and Drug Administration on Friday proposed two sweeping rules aimed at preventing the contamination of produce and processed foods, taking a long-awaited step toward codifying the food safety law that Congress passed two years ago.

Paula Deen Diet Advice Does Not Involve Butter

The Inquisitr
Paula Deen giving diet advice may sound a bit contradictory, but the butter-loving TV chef who once embraced the worst of American cuisine in a big way is now preaching moderation to her fans instead ...

Paula Deen Attributes Her 36-Pound Weight Loss ...
Nearly a year ago, Paula Deen announced that she was living with type 2 diabetes. Since then she has shed a total of 36 pounds – and she’s keeping off the weight. "It's about moderation,”

Cottage food entrepreneurs; Homemade Food Act

San Francisco Chronicle
Food entrepreneurs can't wait to take advantage of the brand-new California Homemade Food Act - which, as of Jan. 1, allows producers of certain nonperishable foods to prepare the food in their home kitchens, as opposed to certified commissary kitchens.

Large scale food hygiene blunders discovered

The Sun
Certain fast food chains came out well - like McDonald's where 83.6 per cent of the 913 restaurants inspected were graded “excellent” in the ratings.

Sharing a Sherry Treasured in Spain

New York Times
AMONG high-end sherries, palo cortado is a mystery. A century ago, perhaps longer, tasters would check on the casks to ensure that the sherry inside fell into its proper category.

Fructose may spur overeating

Indian Express
Scientists have used imaging tests to show for the first time that fructose, a sugar that saturates the American diet, can trigger brain changes that may lead to overeating.

Obese people live longer: Study

Indian Express
A bit of extra weight could actually help you live longer, according to new research which found that men and women who are slightly plump have longer lives than those who are slimmer.

Death risk drops for overweight people, rises for extremely obese
A common New Year's resolution is to get in shape and drop a few pounds, but a new review of published studies suggests that people who are carrying a few extra pounds tend to live longer than their leaner counterparts.

Happy New Year from NYC 2013

Deal reached for stopping spike in milk prices

Yahoo! News -
WASHINGTON (AP) — The top leaders in both parties on the House and Senate Agriculture committees have agreed to a one-year extension of the 2008 farm bill that ...

Milk price deal reached will prevent milk prices from rising ...
On Dec. 30, it was reported that a milk price deal was reached by agriculture leaders from both the House and Senate.

Top Ten Cannabis Strains of 2012

San Francisco Chronicle
High Times Medical Cannabis Cup-winning strain Sonoma Coma from Happy Lil' Trees in Vallejo will mellow you out like the famous oil painter Bob Ross.


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